Los Campesinos! return with new album “All Hell” and bittersweet single “Feast Of Tongues”

Los Campesinos! are back with news of a new album ‘All Hell’ – their first of 2017. Check out the single ‘Feast Of Tongues’ which is on the sleeve below.

Announced today (May 15), news of a new album marks the Welsh indie-pop group’s first in seven years and follows on from their 2017 album ‘Sick Scenes’ and 2021 EP ‘Whole Damn Body’.

Speculation that a new LP was on the way arose earlier this year when the members confirmed that they would embark on a North American tour this summer and also debuted a new song called “A Psychic Wound” in while they were in London.

Now, they’ve confirmed that a full album is on the way, and it’ll be called ‘All Hell’.

Set for release on July 19 via the band’s Heart Swells label, the members revealed that the LP’s motif will capture a wide variety of themes, including “drink for fun and drink for misery,” “death and dying,” ” love”. and sex’, ‘late-stage capitalism’ and basically everything in between.

It is produced by the septet’s Tom Bromley and will also see the band team up with other musicians including Holly Carpenter on violin, Eileen McDonald Sparks on cello and Jon Natchez on saxophone.

With the announcement of the album, Los Campesinos! have also released new single ‘Feast Of Tongues’ – a bittersweet anthem that sees the band wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Love lies bleeding in a dead bouquet/You fear the dripping years and want you everyday/I swear I’d live through all your nightmares/If it meant I could sleep well,” sings Gareth David as the track gradually builds to its opening lines. Check it out above.

The vocalist also took to social media to confirm news of the new album earlier this year, writing: “We’ve been in and out of the studio since October 2023 and the album will be released worldwide this summer. More news soon, but let it be known that we are back for our crown.”

You can pre-order ‘All Hell’ here and check out the full tracklist and album art below. Visit here for remaining tickets on upcoming Los Campesinos tour dates!

“All Hell” album art. CREDIT: Press

The “All Hell” tracklist is:

1. “Coin-Op Guillotine”
2. “Holy Smoke (2005)”
3. “A Psychic Wound”
4. “I. Spit; or, a bite mark in the shape of a sunflower’
5. “Long Throes”
6. “Feast of Languages”
7. “The Order of the Seasons”
8. “II. Music for Aerial Toll House’
9. “To hell with a hand job”
10. “Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head”
11. “KMS”
12. “III. Surfing a Trail’
13. “Monday”
14. “0898 Heartaches”
15. “Adult Acne Stigmas”

In 2021, NME I watched Los Campesinos! perform live to celebrate a decade since they released their fourth album ‘Hello Sadness’. “The Welsh indie-pop outfit pay a delightful tribute to their back catalogue, and the future looks bright,” wrote the four-star review.

Two years later, the band shared that they wanted to commission writers as a way to continue to grow their fan community.

“Our recent experiences are that very few stores will carry our band anymore (no hard feelings, I get it!). But we want to continue to foster this community outside of social media and it seems like we have an ever-growing fan base that wants to hear about our band,” they wrote on social media.

They also made a point to emphasize that they intend to pay writers “well and on time to put out in-depth pieces that are palatable to fans, outside of the restrictive ‘album cycle’ PR model.”