SUBMIT an improvement notice for Wirral Council

SUBMIT an image enhancement notice to Wirral Council
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Wirral Council has been given an improvement notice due to “poor progress” in the borough’s special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) sector.

The notice sets out 10 areas of “significant concern” which were initially flagged in an inspection by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission in 2021.

It also advises the Wirral SEND Partnership council and members on specific improvements, such as strengthening the quality and timeliness of EHC assessments, which must be done by October 2025.

Cllr Paul Stuart, leader of Wirral Council, said: “I accept and acknowledge this move by the Department for Education to issue Wirral with an improvement notice. Since the 2021 inspection, where several deficiencies were noted, our work to improve these areas has been slow and we need to do much, much more.

“While I am disappointed at the lack of progress, I welcome the notification and as a result officers have already set up an improvement committee, which held its first meeting recently.”

Elizabeth Hartley, director of children, families and education at Wirral Council, said: “Since the 2021 inspection, we have made many changes to support SEND and started many new projects as a direct result. But these changes, while not insignificant, have not been enough and we are still not where we need to be with our SEND offer for families.

“As a newly appointed director, I take this feedback extremely seriously and, together with my colleagues across the partnership, I am committed to turning things around as quickly as possible.”