A38 Saltash cameras are supported, but the speed limit is considered “ridiculously slow”

New medium speed cameras are expected to go live on each side of the Saltash Tunnel next month. Readers showed their support for the scheme in our comments sections – but the 30mph speed limit was called “ridiculously slow”.

The cameras are part of a series of measures that also include improved signage and road improvements, new lighting and changes to speed limits – including the reduced speed limit from 70mph to 50mph from the tunnel to the Carkeel roundabout and average speed cameras installed at enforce the 30mph limit through the tunnel and on the B3271 and North Road diversion routes.

The action was prompted by higher than national average collisions between the Trerulefoot and Carkeel roundabouts. National Highways tunnel manager Julian Mitchell previously told CornwallLive: “Speed ​​reduction measures are badly needed and we see the scheme as part of the overall programme.

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“This section of the A38 is experiencing a number of minor collisions as drivers try to reduce speed quickly on the approach to the tunnel and the Carkeel roundabout and we are aware of vehicles exceeding the speed limit along the B3271 North Road diversion route as we close . the tunnel.”

A National Highways spokesman said the speed limit was now “applicable between the tunnel and the Carkeel roundabout” and that “the cameras will be coming in over the next two weeks and will be calibrated by late May to early June”.

Comment Rickyo is not happy with the tunnel’s speed limit: “30 mph is ridiculously slow.” User Oldgit52 replied: “30mph in a tunnel when you have contrary flow with changing priorities isn’t ridiculously slow. I have seen many times drivers who are not aware that the middle lane priority has changed and have seen some errors because of it.