Nikon SLM Solutions Names Dr. Brent Stucker as Chief Engineer

Nikon SLM Solutions named Dr. Brent Stucker as chief engineer for North America, leading the company’s “innovative drives and operational growth” effective June 1, 2024.

With more than three decades of additive manufacturing experience in both academia and industry, Stucker is considered a distinguished figure in the additive manufacturing space and was named to the TCT Hall of Fame shortlist this year.

Stucker’s background includes pioneering applications of additive manufacturing as a professor at universities in Utah, Finland, Kentucky and Rhode Island and co-founder of AM technology company 3DSIM. Most recently, he was Chief Technology Strategist for Wohlers Associates, backed by ASTM International, and prior to that he was part of the 3D Systems C-suite, holding roles as Chief Scientist & Senior Vice President and later Chief Technology Officer. In addition to his professional awards, Brent is also recognized for his contributions to academic resources, co-authoring the most widely used manual for teaching additive manufacturing at over 600 universities worldwide. He also holds numerous patents and has authored or co-authored over 200 technical publications.

“Brent is not only a visionary in our field, but also a strategist capable of turning challenges into innovative solutions,” said Sam O’Leary, CEO of Nikon SLM Solutions. “His appointment marks a significant step in our commitment to lead the evolution of additive manufacturing technologies and strengthen our market leadership in North America.”