The Sky News presenter gives the Tory minister a funding announcement of more than £4m

Chris Philp was grilled by Wilfred Frost on Sky News.

Chris Philp was grilled by Wilfred Frost on Sky News. Sky News

A Sky News presenter mocked a Tory minister this morning over a £4m spending announcement on new police technology.

Wilfred Frost told Chris Philp “it’s not much” as he grilled him this morning.

Introducing the minister on the channel’s breakfast programme, Frost said: “The Government is announcing today that it will invest a further £4m to tackle knife crime and Chris Philp is here to discuss it – he is the minister of State for Crime, Police and Fire. .”

Turning to the minister, he said: “With the greatest respect, £4 million – it’s a joke, it’s not very much.”

Philp replied: “This is part of a quarter of a billion pound program for new police technology.”

Frost said: “Is it fair to say today’s announcement of a further £4m adds up to £250 (million)? Then it’s a minor increase.”

The minister clarified that the £4m was included in the total and would be spent on new technology to enable police to scan people for knives remotely.

Frost said: “Good to have clarified that the £4m announced today is not in fact additional.”

Philp was mocked last month after questioning whether Rwanda and Congo were different countries during a Question Time appearance.

He later insisted he had asked “a rhetorical question”.

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