Casemiro was criticized after Manchester United’s loss against Arsenal; “He’s lazy, he’s lazy”

On Sunday, May 12, Arsenal managed to win against Manchester United and keep their hopes of a first Premier League win in 20 years alive. However, as you can imagine, many Manchester United fans were disappointed by the results, with many blaming Casemiro’s performance at centre-back, which made way for Arsenal’s winning goal.

What happened?

After the ball was passed to Manvhester United goalkeeper Andre Onana, who went wide, Casemiro was seen to be too slow to respond and unable to get back in line with the other defenders. This allowed Ben White to pass over the top to Kai Havertz. Many believe this pass would have been offside if not for Casemiro’s slow reactions. Havertz then passed the ball to Trossard who managed to score the winning goal.

What was said?

Manchester United legends Wayne Rooney and Roy Keane were also disappointed by the result, with Rooney going so far as to say: “He’s lazy, he’s lazy. The other teammates were allegedly pushed out and caught. He’s got to go out’ essentially responsible for the goal that many believe would otherwise have been offside.

Following Rooney’s comments, Keane echoed this by explaining that “Casemiro can’t play in the Premier League at centre-half,” he continued, blaming Casemiro’s lack of awareness and pace for the goal, also noting his “laziness” .

Casemiro has previously faced criticism when playing in a defensive position, including when he played in the same role during the match against Crystal Palace, which was lost 4-0. Despite this public criticism of Casemiro’s performance during this game, Erik ten Hag did not single out Casemiro for this “very poor” performance.