Liverpool’s Pep Lijnders has been confirmed as manager of the Big European Club

Pep Lijnders: Developing a new course at RB Salzburg

The new management for the Austrian giants

In a significant shake-up in European football’s coaching carousel, Pep Lijnders has been appointed as the new head coach of RB Salzburg, marking a new chapter following his tenure at Liverpool FC. The appointment sees Lijnders in a pivotal role, keen to stamp his vision on the Austrian Bundesliga side as they continue to assert their dominance in domestic and European competitions.

From Liverpool to Salzburg

Lijnders, who leaves Liverpool at the height of the 2023-24 season, brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic coaching philosophy to Salzburg. His journey to Liverpool saw him progress from under-16 Academy coach to a key figure in the first team’s technical staff. Under managers such as Brendan Rodgers and later Jürgen Klopp, Lijnders was instrumental in Liverpool’s recent era of success, which included securing the Premier League and Champions League titles.

“I am very proud to become the new head coach of FC Red Bull Salzburg,” said Lijnders. “This is a real privilege for me. After PSV Eindhoven, FC Porto and Liverpool FC, I am now moving to another exceptional club with a very good structure and a special focus on youth development.”

Commitment to attacking football

At the core of Lijnders’ philosophy is a commitment to an attacking style of play, driven by passion and a relentless pursuit of success. “I want to develop a mentality with the team that puts a lot of emphasis on an attacking style of play and where passion and hunger for success is the basis of everything,” he explained. His approach not only aligns with Salzburg’s historic style, but also promises to enrich it, ensuring the club remains a beacon of innovation and excellence in football.

Building on the foundations of success

Joining Lijnders in this new venture is Vitor Matos, who after four and a half years as Liverpool’s elite development coach, will serve as Salzburg’s assistant coach. Their partnership, forged in the competitive fires of the Premier League, will now be central to Salzburg’s strategy to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of global football.

Lijnders emphasized the collaborative nature of their mission: “Together with my assistant coach Vitor Matos and the entire support team, we will do everything possible to help the club continue to grow in an ever-changing world of football.”

Personal connection to Salzburg

The decision to join Salzburg was also influenced by personal experiences. Lijnders noted the warmth and beauty of the city, which left a lasting impression on his family during a previous visit. “My family has visited the city before and was overwhelmed by its beauty and the friendliness of the people. This was the last and important step for me in choosing FC Red Bull Salzburg,” he noted.

As Lijnders and Matos prepare to leave Liverpool after the season finale against Wolverhampton Wanderers, their focus turns to fostering a culture of success at RB Salzburg. With an eye on furthering the club’s heritage and a strategy deeply rooted in dynamic, forward-thinking football, the duo are set to embark on what could be one of the most exciting chapters of their coaching careers.

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