The three-year-old girl drowned after turning on the bathroom taps in a horrific accident

A three-year-old girl died in a tragic accident when she turned on the tap while in the bathroom. An inquest heard that Iris-Mae Aubrey was found unresponsive by her parents at their home in Abertillery on September 26, 2023.

The youngster had been brought home from school earlier after feeling unwell, Gwent Coroner’s Court was told on May 15. Her grandmother had taken her and stayed at the family home with Iris-Mae’s mother, Chelsea, until the girl’s father, Ryan, returned home from work. afternoon.

Iris-Mae had fallen asleep on the couch after being given Calpol, but later woke up and vomited, taking some in her pyjamas. Her father gave her a bath upstairs, and her mother then came in and checked the temperature of the bath, making sure it was half full to her daughter’s waist.

The court was told that at 8.25pm ​​Chelsea went downstairs to tidy up and get a towel. Wales Online reported that her mother was listening as Iris-Mae would often call her to say she was ready to come out of the bathroom.

At 8.50 Chelsea went upstairs to find the bathroom full and her daughter inside. She immediately pulled her out and began CPR. Emergency services were called and paramedics arrived who also tried to revive the young man.

Unfortunately, the efforts failed and she was pronounced dead at 9.41pm. Senior Coroner Caroline Saunders said it appeared Iris-Mae had managed to turn on the taps in the bathroom while she was unattended.

Ms Saunders said it was a “terrible event that will never leave” the family. She concluded that Iris-Mae drowned after being left unattended and that her death was an accident.