Council to investigate ‘house’ built on Edmonton land

While small sheds are permitted, the structure at Barrowfield Allotments has a front door, window and even a chimney, reports Grace Howarth, local democracy reporter

Enfield Council has said it will investigate the apparent construction of a tiny house on an Edmonton allotment plot.

Photos taken by a local resident show the wooden structure at Barrowfield Allotments has a front door, a window and even a chimney. In front of her is also a trampoline.

The resident, who has been on an 18-month allowance waiting list, criticized the council’s management of the site as she says several plots of land are being “blighted and misused”.

In March, she first noticed a “ridiculous” structure being built on one of the plots. “The building is huge, it has UPVC windows and a chimney built with bricks and mortar,” she said.

“I know you have to get permission to build a shed, but I’m pretty sure it’s too big. The thing is, the pitch already has a massive trampoline, which a lot of pitches have.”

While EOCthe site ncil states that a “small shed for garden tools” is permitted on allotment lands, “dwelling houses, cottages, summer houses, kitchen facilities, porches and canopies” are not permitted and, if found, “could lead to upon termination of the rental agreement”.

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The resident said she reported instances of misuse to a council contact, but the situation remained unchanged. She added: “My point is that it’s an allotment to grow things, I want to grow things and I see a lot of allotments left with nothing happening to them, or being places to hang out or build buildings.”

In response, a council spokesman said: “Allotments in Enfield are incredibly popular and there are substantial, proven benefits to looking after an allotment.

“As a result, we have long waiting lists for most, if not all, of our allocation spaces. We appreciate applicants’ patience and will let them know as soon as possible when plots are available.

“Once land is allocated, tenants are given clear guidance as to how it should be maintained, used and to what standard. We would like to thank the resident for bringing these issues to our attention and will investigate and take action as appropriate.”

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