UK tourists have been told ‘go home’ by locals in the popular holiday hotspot

Anti-tourist sentiment has hit another popular destination as visitors are told to pack their bags.

In Athens, anti-tourism slogans have been spray-painted across city walls as local frustrations spread across Greece. Messages such as “Tourists go home” and “No tourists, no hipsters” appeared on the walls of the historic city, highlighting the growing tension between residents and tourists.

The rise in property prices is attributed to the proliferation of Airbnb properties and other vacation rentals in Athens, with locals long expressing displeasure with swarms of tourists clogging streets and creating noise pollution. A particularly bold piece of graffiti covering almost an entire side of a building proclaims: “Tourists enjoy your stay in the graveyard of Europe,” alluding to Athens’ status as an ancient capital and the growing problem of residents pricing themselves. Town.

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Last month, protesters took to the streets to call for action, chanting slogans such as “They are taking our houses while I live in the Maldives,” the Mirror reports.

Dimitri, a local real estate developer, said: “80% of this neighborhood is Airbnbs. Tourists who come here want to see Greek culture, so if there are no more Greeks living here, tourists will not want to come.”

Greece, more than many Mediterranean countries, is heavily dependent on tourism, which accounted for a fifth of its GDP in 2022. In Greece, more than 40% of disposable income is spent on housing, a figure that exceeds any other European country .