Asda Park Royal site to be redeveloped into 1,500 homes and new store – EALING.NEWS – The Voice of Ealing 7 towns

Supermarket giant Asda has revealed plans to build a new 60,000 sq ft store and up to 1,500 homes as part of a redevelopment of its existing Park Royal site, where it has been located for more than 40 years.

Asda will build the homes in partnership with property developer Barratt London as it also seeks to create a new town center for the local community.

No details have been released on how tall each building in the planned development will be, nor how many buildings it will consist of.

An application for full planning permission is expected to be submitted by the end of the year.

Asda has indicated that around 500 or a third of the planned homes will be offered as affordable housing. While there are also plans for a car park of around 400 spaces for Asda shoppers, there will be no parking for residents at the development.

An in-development gas station is also expected to appear as part of future plans for the site.

Ian Lawrence, head of mixed-use developments at Asda, said: “Asda’s venture into mixed-use property redevelopment marks a significant milestone for the business. By working with leading developers such as Barratt London, we are able to maximize the full potential of our property portfolio for the first time. This gives us the opportunity to better serve local communities like Park Royal with a new flagship store fit for the future, while creating exceptional places for housing delivery.”

Craig Carson, managing director of Barratt West London, commented: “We are proud to partner with Asda on their first mixed-use development. At Barratt London, we have strong experience in both brownfield regeneration and delivering new homes in the Borough of Ealing, so it’s a partnership and site that makes perfect sense for us.

Mr Carson added: “This deal is a sign that there is still land to be unlocked in the capital and reflects one of the largest land deals on the market in 2019. The redevelopment of Park Royal will have a huge impact on the area, with the new center to the city unlocking new commercial opportunities for local businesses and providing a new hub for the local community. While the proposed delivery of 1,500 new homes will play a vital role in the Old Oak and Park Royal regeneration plans and help unlock new and affordable homes in Ealing.”

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