Woman shares tip that makes peace lilies bloom ‘like crazy’

Peace lilies, renowned for their lush foliage and ability to bloom extensively when fed the right fertilizer, can bloom “like crazy” if a certain kitchen scrap is incorporated weekly into their diet. Their low-maintenance nature has made them beloved among houseplant enthusiasts, although encouraging these plants to bloom might sometimes require a little nutritional boost.

An innovative houseplant owner named Gail, part of the “Creative Gardening” Facebook group, shared the news that peace lilies can be encouraged to bloom profusely using banana peels as a home fertilizer. Gail revealed: “I watered my peace lily with banana peel water. It bloomed like crazy with big flowers and grew faster.”

She didn’t stop at peace lilies alone, she continued: “I also watered my other plants with banana water. Everything is going great!”, reports Express. Making this homemade fertilizer is simple; Gail recommends placing a banana peel in a glass jar filled with water, screwing on the lid, and letting the peel soften for a few days before feeding it to the peace lily once a week.

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Gail said, “Put the banana peel in a jar of water with a lid and leave it in the water overnight or for a few days.” Wrapping up her tip, she shared, “I also save water in a pitcher. We both eat a banana a day, so I have a lot of water to spare. I water once a week or more often if needed.”

Banana peels are a treasure trove of potassium, essential for flower production and root development, making them an excellent supplement for your peace lily to improve flower vigor, health and size. It’s also important to give peace lilies a balanced fertilizer to ensure they receive the full spectrum of nutrients needed for optimal growth. However, incorporating banana peels into their care regimen is a simple and cost-effective way to increase the plant’s vitality in preparation for the flowering season.

Gail shared a picture of her peace lily online, leaving thousands of gardening enthusiasts in awe of the plant’s vibrant flowers and grateful for her banana feeding tip. One enthusiast remarked: “I use banana water too! My plants love it! I bury the peels around the plants outside after using them in a few jugs of water. Best blooms in a long time!”.

Another added: “And I watered my peace lilies with banana water…now both my plants look like I just brought them home from the nursery or flower shop – beautiful!” Additionally, Gail recommended mulching your peace lily to further encourage flower production.