“Dad went out one day and never came back – we’ll never forget him”

It started as an unremarkable trip outside the house. But Tony and Nicola Taylor’s father Ian never returned.

The popular father of two told his wife Maureen in June 2020 that he was going out for a drive to check his car’s oil level. It was a Wednesday when restrictions from the first national Covid lockdown were slowly lifted.

But retired train driver Ian never came back. His body was found hours later by police at his favorite family beauty spot after he took his own life at the age of 64.

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The inexplicable tragedy left Tony and Nicola’s wife and children beyond devastated and bewildered, as Ian had never suffered from any depression that they knew of. He never hinted at what he might have in mind.

“Dad was happy, outgoing and sociable and with no signs of mental health problems. He loved life,” said Tony, a process scientist at Severn Trent, in Solihull.

“He was of the generation that just got on with things when times got tough. He didn’t tell anyone how he felt and must have suffered in silence.”