Dead dog found dumped in canal in Sports Direct bag

A dog’s body was found dumped in a canal, wrapped in a curtain inside a Sports Direct bag.

According to the RSPCA, the dog appeared to be a small brown female, possibly a pug or French bulldog, with prominent teats.

She was found by walkers on Wednesday, May 8, on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, close to Hatton Hill Playground in Litherland.

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Two days later, a second dog was found dead in an area near the River Croco on Poolford Lane in Crewe. The dog, a white and ginger small breed, was found in a green plastic “Earls Worker Dog” food bag. He appears to have been wearing a leather collar and appears to have suffered chest injuries.

Animal rescue officer Scarlet Sanderson from Liverpool and RSPCA inspector Caren Goodman-James from Crewe are keen to hear from anyone with information about the incidents.

Caren said: “We are concerned about how these dogs ended up being dumped dead, one thrown into the water and another with chest injuries. We would like to find out who owns them so we can investigate further.