The council has decided to refuse the solar panels of the church in the historic center of the city

A church in Bedworth will have plans for solar panels turned down. All Saints Church in High Street has applied for permission to install solar panels on the lower roof on the south side of the building.

The church plan has received a number of letters of support but it is recommended that the application be refused as it is a Grade II listed building and is in a conservation area. In a planning application agenda, the church says it has been in the center of Bedworth since the 1300s.

“We have a central position in the city and maintaining the historic structure is a significant cost to the church,” the agenda reads. “This could lead to the failure of the church and no one to look after the maintenance.

“If owning this historic asset is, in itself, a public good, it is worth giving ourselves the means to maintain it, through the savings and revenue from solar panels.” It goes on to say that around 600 people use the church for various sessions each week and the energy bill is constantly rising.”

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It added: “All Saints spent £15,000 on energy last year. This cost is increasing due to the increasing use of the building, despite significant savings in recent years,” the report said. “We estimate that because of the increase in youth activities this year, that bill will rise to £18,000. Installing solar panels and batteries will reduce our energy bill by over £5,000 a year.

“A total in excess of the minimum guaranteed life of the panels of £155,000 and in excess of the estimated useful life of over £300,000. This saving will be transferred to public benefit by providing more community activities and greater use of the space. for youth work as well as supporting the maintenance of the historic fabric.”