Drag Queen training to kick off Pride Month in Bristol

image source, Drag Queen Training

image caption, It’s hoped the high-energy sessions will encourage people “to strike a pose, learn to stretch like a queen and laugh in the morning”

The South West’s first drag queen fitness class will open the region’s Pride celebrations.

The Drag Queen Workout will take place at Lost Horizon in Bristol on June 1, kicking off national Pride month.

The classes, which first started in Bristol in November, focus on comedy and confidence building.

Performer UGLY, who will run the two-hour class alongside Miss Venus Wailer, said the sessions help to “reinforce the message that you have every right to be yourself without shame”.

image source, Drag Queen Training

image caption, UGLY said: “It’s such a fun class and everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be ordinary”

UGLY added: “No one takes themselves seriously. I mean, have you ever seen someone try to exercise in five-inch platform heels, a corset, and a heavily combed wig?

Drag Queen Workout will also be running a live mass session on the dance stage at Bristol Pride Day on July 13.

Event director Daryn Carter said he was “so excited” about it.

“Drag Queens have always been at the forefront of the Pride movement,” he added.

Both UGLY and Miss Venus Wailer are international performers who have graced stages including the Love Saves the Day festival and are part of the Shade Cartel dance collective.

image source, Drag Queen Training

image caption, UGLY (L) and Miss Venus Wailer (R) will lead the Drag Queen training classes

Venus, who is originally from Venezuela, said: “We feel like we’ve spread the joy of exploration through training. And the people who join us are great.

“They allow us to make them laugh, move with us, relieve stress and boost their self-esteem; about this means dear”.

Taking place at The Downs, the festival will feature over 200 acts including dance star Georgia, Ladytron, Stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Steps’ Claire Richards.

Bristol Pride runs from June 29th until the main Pride Day on July 13th.

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