Arsenal’s transfer was a game changer and what Liverpool have just done is incredible

Monday night was absolutely rubbish. It was unbelievable how we lost control of that game and let the victory slip through our fingers.

And I’m not taking anything away from Aston Villa. As poor as we defended, they were sharp up front, they were good. But we gave them too many opportunities.

I think it reflects Liverpool’s season a bit. Towards the end at least. We’ve done so well, coming from where we were at this time last year.

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The boys and management gave us a lot of hope. Too bad it fell flat at the end.

I think sometimes you look at the goal difference, that’s the way the Premier League is now, you can’t even go to Villa and get a draw. He’s crazy. Some of the results we’ve had, you can’t get Man United draws anymore.

That’s exactly the way City have done it now and Arsenal have been brilliant this year. You look at the goal difference of the top three teams, that tells you the story.