Potential buyer Enfield Square Mall wants to create a new market

ENFIELD, Conn. (WGGB/WSHM) – Change could be on the horizon for the Enfield Square Mall property.

Despite living minutes away from Enfield Square Mall, Peggy and Robert Fontaine choose alternative options to do their chores.

“A lot of online shopping and then for the movies we’d go right across the border to Springfield,” Robert said.

Western Mass News spoke with the two Monday night after their first trip to the mall in December to run a quick errand, and they told us the mall we see today is a drastic change from over a decade ago , when in the old days, several showcases. they were full and the cinema was open.

“My mom comes in when it’s cold, she’ll walk around the mall and tell us what it smells like and you can tell there’s mold and it’s just not welcoming,” Peggy added.

The property could be getting a facelift soon enough.

We’re told Woodsonia Real Estate is currently looking to buy the property from current owner Namdar, tear down everything but the Target and build a mixed-use space with retail, restaurants, more than 400 units of luxury apartments and two hotels . The price tag attached to the redevelopment: $250 million.

However, there is still work to be done. The developers said this will only happen if they receive approval for state funding.

The city is working to recover a $20 million grant to make that happen, meanwhile the city passed numerous resolutions Monday giving developers tax breaks to complete the project.

Enfield Mayor Ken Nelson said this project should be seen as a welcome change by the city.

“We’ve been trying to deal with the current owner and he’s not very easy to deal with,” Mayor Nelson explained. “This group having experience in handling them I believe in 3 other mall properties. They know what they’re up against.”

The couple agrees, noting that such a project could benefit their economy and attract visitors to their town.

“Give it some thought because I think it will definitely help the community,” Robert said.