“I ignored my producer because I didn’t want to back down to Jürgen Klopp during the heated interview”

As Jürgen Klopp prepares for his final game in charge of Liverpool, Anfield will no doubt be full of excitement on Sunday. There will be some, though they may be breathing a sigh of relief as they say goodbye to the Premier League.

Over the years, Klopp has had his share of tense interactions, be it with referees, their assistants, rival managers or the media. Perhaps his most famous trade came in 2020.

The German’s quarrel with TNT Sports, formerly BT Sport, is not a secret. The Liverpool boss recently watched the broadcaster for the last time, telling them he will never watch their production again.

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His gripe was the channel regularly showing games at 12.30pm on Saturdays, often forcing teams into a quick turnaround after midweek games. Liverpool have been left very hard to do with their selections, having played in the slot more times than any other club during Klopp’s tenure.

The problem came to a head almost four years ago. With teams continuing to play behind closed doors amid the Covid pandemic, the matches came thick and fast and the schedule seemed to be taking its toll on the players.

After seeing James Milner pull up with a hamstring injury against Brighton, Klopp was not happy and made BT Sport reporter Des Kelly fully aware of it. The Liverpool boss took aim at the broadcaster, accusing them of being responsible for Milner’s injury.