Inside Caitlin Clark’s Family Tree: Meet the Fever Star’s Siblings, Parents and More

When Caitlin Clark finally broke the NCAA women’s scoring record in February, the crowd at Carver-Hawkeye Stadium erupted in applause. The thousands in attendance roared as the record-setting bucket dropped, and the celebrations continued throughout the evening as Iowa defeated Michigan in a Big Ten game.

While there were plenty of die-hard Hawkeye fans and devoted Clark followers who were excited to see the Iowa senior pass Kelsey Plum for the all-time women’s scoring mark, no one was happier than a group of of four who know Clark’s talent all too well – she family.

Choice no. 1 pick in this year’s WNBA Draft has had plenty of supporters throughout her illustrious career. However, the beauty of playing college ball in her home state meant her parents and siblings got to see her elite game firsthand.

It may be a cliché to say, but it’s true: there’s nothing more important in life than family, and the Clark family is no different.

Here’s more about Clark’s parents and her siblings.

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Caitlin Clark Family Tree

Caitlin Clark’s father: Brent Clark

Clark’s father, Brent, was also a college basketball player. He played his college years at Simpson College, a Division III school based in Indianola, Iowa. In addition, he also played baseball for the Storm.

The patriarch said even at a young age, he could tell his daughter would be a special player.

“I don’t remember him ever missing a shot,” Brent said in a 2023 interview with KCRG. “The bins were five or six feet apart. She was just shooting from the free throw line and making it. He could also handle the ball at that age.”

Brent was Caitlin’s youth basketball coach. He said he sees similarities between him and his daughter when she’s on the court.

“I see a lot of myself in Caitlin in terms of passion for the game,” Brent said.

That passion was on display during Iowa’s first-round matchup against No. 1 Holy Cross. 16. Clark could be seen getting frustrated with the officials and the camera appears to show Brent telling him not to complain. He also appeared to call for her to be taken out of the game.

He is currently executive vice president at Concentric International, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Caitlin Clark’s mother: Anne Nizzi-Clark

Clark’s mother is Anne. She is the daughter of Bob Nizzi, a former football coach, counselor and administrator for more than two decades at Dowling Catholic, where the Clark children all attended school.

Nizzi-Clark has been an avid supporter of her daughter throughout her basketball career. Last year, she called the Iowa star’s performance “amazing” and spoke of how proud she was of Caitlin.

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“Honestly, it’s been a fabulous ride so far and very proud of it,” Nizzi Clark said. “When you see all these people here after being here last year — how much the respect and attention has grown as well, the women’s game is winning. It just puts it into perspective for you. We really are how lucky we are. And what a dream this is for her.”

Caitlin and her mother not only have a close personal relationship, but also a working one. Nizzi-Clark has a background in marketing, previously serving as vice president of product marketing at American Enterprise Group Inc. Now, she helps her daughter’s career by leading strategic partnerships for CC22 Ventures LLC, a company that helps Clark capitalize on her name. , image and likeness to make a profit.

How many siblings does Caitlin Clark have?

Clark has two brothers, Blake and Colin. She is the middle child, with Blake as the older sibling and Colin as the youngest.

Blake Clark

Blake is a former college football quarterback. After a successful career at Dowling Catholic, he enrolled at Iowa State, where he played for the Cyclones from 2019 to 2022. With the program, he was primarily used as the team’s starter on field goals, although he threw a pass as freshman and marked a two-point conversation in 2022.

Blake was at Iowa State at the same time as 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. The former Cyclones starting QB was a year ahead of Blake, but the two were on the roster together for three seasons.

Blake said all the family knew was sports, whether that meant playing or watching.

“We were always involved in sports and at home we were always around sports,” Blake said in a 2021 interview with the Cedar Rapids Gazette. “We’d watch sports at night, whether it was going to Drake’s and watching basketball games, or watching cousins ​​play their basketball games or tournaments, when you’re around something that much, that’s what you do.”

While pursuing a collegiate career on the gridiron, Blake also played basketball in high school. Caitlin said Blake knows the game “really, really well” and the two talk about basketball constantly.

“I think it’s something I can always lean on whenever I have a tough match or things aren’t going my way,” Caitlin said in the 2021 Cedar Rapids Gazette article. “Usually he’s always watching if it’s on TV or we have Big Ten+ and he’s paying to watch it, but I think he’s being very honest, but I know it’s in my best interest.

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“I basically talk to him every day, even if it’s not about football or basketball, we stay in touch a lot. I just see what’s going on in each other’s lives. It’s always someone I can lean on, even if it’s school or just something. in life, he is always there for me.”

Colin Clark

Colin is also a former basketball player. The youngest of three Clark children, Colin was also a star hooper at Dowling Catholic, where he graduated last spring. He also participated in athletics.

Caitlin was an avid supporter of her younger brother. During her playing days, she would constantly repost and comment on highlights of her playing days at Dowling.

“I think Blake and Caitlin are always watching him online and watching him too,” their mother said. “It’s probably even more special to watch and take the time to come back and watch him and support him and beat him up a little bit as well. That part was amazing.”