13 things you’ll remember if you hung out at Krazyhouse

In the early 1990s, The Krazyhouse on Wood Street burst onto the city center scene.

Affectionately known as K! for loyal clubbers, the club became famous for its indie, rock and alternative scene and was also synonymous with Liverpool’s students. Featuring three floors with different genres of music on each, it was also loved for its quirky tracks and drink deals.

But in 2018, the nightclub’s closure was mourned by many as the end of an era. Even those who haven’t been to the K for years felt a small wave of sadness to learn that their favorite evening would be no more, the ECHO previously reported.


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But although the Krazyhouse itself has now closed its doors – it was not to be lost forever. The same year it closed, the venue reopened as Electrik and over the years has hosted Krazyhouse reunion nights.

To remember, we’ve taken another look back at 13 things you’ll remember if you partied at Krazyhouse. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but you can share your memories of Krazyhouse in comment section below.

13. Sticky floors

Sure, many clubs have a certain layer of sticky grime underfoot, but Krazyhouse took it to another level. One minute you could be at Nirvana and the next you could be hopping around, shoeless, looking for your lost shoe that had become glued to the gloop below.