Manchester police capture suspect half-naked as he flees through gardens

Police have arrested a man after he tried to run from officers by jumping half-naked across gardens in Manchester.

Aerial footage shows the suspect jumping fences in a bright pink crop top before he was caught.

Greater Manchester Police said the arrest came as 300 officers arrested 22 men and two women as part of Operation Vulcan, an anti-drugs effort.

Officers are raiding the suspects’ homes after seizing almost £10,000 in cash and hundreds of bags of drugs.

Detective Sergeant Matt Donnelly said: “This was a huge operation, using almost 300 officers from across the force, various covert tactics and specialist resources from across the region.

“We know how deeply the drug trade affects our communities and the violence and depravity it brings with it, which is why we have launched such an important operation to tackle it.

“By arresting 24 people this morning, I can say with confidence that we have dismantled and disrupted several county lines and local drug networks. But we will not be complacent, and this should be a warning to anyone who thinks criminal activity is welcome in our city.”