VolkerRail will undertake nine days of track renewal on the South Yorkshire Supertram

Contractor VolkerRail will carry out nine days of track renewal for the South Yorkshire Supertram to “future-proof and extend the life” of the network.

The work will start in Sheffield city center after the last service on Friday 24 May and will be completed before the first service on Monday 3 June. There will be no services running between Fitzalan Square/Ponds Forge and the University during this time.

VolkerRail will restore 200m of track during this time in three areas. The main section of work is at the south end of Catedrala tram station, where two sets of switches and crossings will be replaced. These allow terminal trams and trams to pass and return to Meadowhall and Rotherham.

The work will also see around 30 meters of renewed track at Fitzalan Square tram stop and a short length on the Bow String Bridge outside Forge Ponds.

All works are on incorporated rails and not on the common public road.

In addition, the tram shelters will be replaced at Netherthorpe Road station, which will see the platform closed for the duration of the work for the safety of the public. Services will not stop here for the nine-day period.

The work is being carried out on behalf of South Yorkshire Combined Mayor’s Authority (Symca), which recently took over the property from Stagecoach. The private company has been in charge since 1997, which ran the tram network into the ground due to lack of investment, according to Symca.

VolkerRail’s deal with Symca was won through a competitive tender process for a £55m track renewal contract which will last eight years.

Further work in other areas of the Supertram network is planned for the summer, with more to come in subsequent years.

Melanie Corcoran, Symca chief executive for transport, said: “These essential works are vital to extending the life of the Supertram network.

“Every effort is being made to minimize impact and keep people moving while this work progresses.

“By replacing the track, we are ensuring the region’s tram network can continue to safely provide the popular service for generations to come.”

After regaining control of the tram network earlier this year, Symca revealed it was investigating the possibility of extending it from Sheffield to Stocksbridge and Barrow Hill on a tram-train line. They are also looking to expand it to Chesterfield.

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