Heritage’s historic men’s lacrosse season is coming to an end

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Men’s Lacrosse Heritage High School faced Cardinal Gibbons in the fourth round of the NCHSAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament.

Cardinal Gibbons has a history of knocking the Huskies out of the tournament, most recently in the 2018 NCHSAA tournament when they beat Heritage 18-4 as the top two seeds.

The Crusaders once again dampened the Huskies’ tournament hopes as Heritage was one win away from reaching the final four.

Heritage came from behind throughout the loss to the Crusaders, trailing 6-1 after one quarter.

The Crusaders then extended their lead to 11-1 by halftime. Cardinal Gibbons went 17-3 to advance to the final four for the 11th straight season.

Luke Schreiner, Hudson Kranick and Jacob Bass had the only three Husky goals on the day, with Schreiner picking up their lone assist.

With the loss, no NAC-6 teams remain in the NCHSAA men’s or women’s tournaments. Meanwhile, Cardinal Gibbons reaches the final four in both.

It also marks Heritage’s perfect season, taking their first loss of the year after an 18-game winning streak.