Hundreds of extra homes are to be added to the final phase of the Alma Estate regeneration

Enfield Council is looking to build an extra 324 homes on top of what was previously planned for the Ponders End estate.

Outline plans for a revised stage 2b of the Alma Estate redevelopment
Outline plans for a revised stage 2b of the Alma Estate redevelopment

The final stages of a decade-long estate redevelopment program in Ponders End could now see more than 300 homes built.

Enfield Council wants to almost double the planned housing density in phases 2b, 3a and 3b of its Alma Estate regeneration from 401 to 725.

With 459 new homes already built on the South Street and Alma Road site, as well as the 220 currently under construction by developer Countryside Partnerships, the new proposal will bring the total number of homes built to 1,404.

The original planning permission was for the development of up to 993 new homes under the masterplan. This number was later increased to provide 1,080 new homes.

The original six-hectare Alma estate – built in the 1960s – contained 717 council homes, most of them in four multi-coloured tower blocks that loomed over Ponders End station. Only one of those towers remains standing and is due to be demolished by the end of this year as it sits on the site of the final phase of the estate’s redevelopment – described as a “catalyst for the wider regeneration of the Ponders End area”.

The council has been criticized before because it has not fully replaced the original number of social housing, with only 41% (444) of the 1,080 currently approved homes being designated as ‘affordable’ and, of these, half (222) being allocated as social rent.

It has yet to be revealed exactly what the proportion of affordable housing will be for the extra 324 homes, but on its consultation website the council says: “Our proposals will provide a range of mandates for families and households to all dimensions, this thing. includes private for sale, private to rent and affordable.”

It added: “The final phases will complete the regeneration of the Alma Estate and our vision will seek to provide a balanced community where people live, play, learn and work.

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“In line with feedback from residents and the need for new homes in Enfield, our proposals have been updated. Our new proposals build on the development of the Alma Estate as an active community center combined with green and sustainable public spaces.”

Building work at Alma Estate as seen in December 2023
Building work at Alma Estate as seen in December 2023

In terms of height, the blocks on the newly proposed final phases will not exceed 16 storeys, with the tallest part of the new estate being the 17-storey block closest to Ponders End Station, completed five years ago. The four original tower blocks built in the 1960s each rose to 24 storeys.

As well as housing, a new youth center and pharmacy have opened in recent years, while other community facilities are due to open soon. A new ‘green square’ is proposed for the center of phase 2b.

In recent weeks the council has been running a pre-application consultation on its new plans for the final stages. An online survey remains open until Monday (20). A planning application is due to be submitted later this summer.

On its consultation website, the council says: “This regeneration is not just about new homes, it is about making a place that reflects local priorities. Some community uses were provided early in the process so that the entire community would experience immediate benefits.

“The masterplan allows for phased delivery with the continuity of existing popular services such as the youth center and shops. We are now looking to review our proposals for the final phase, which have been developed to reflect changing local housing needs.”

For more information and to participate in the consultation:

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