The mother’s “passion” led her to share the house with 50,000 friends

A Liverpool woman has revealed what life is like living with more than 50,000 bees at home.

Amanda Mason, who lives appropriately on Sugar Lane in Knowsley Village, is practice manager at MyDentist. When she’s not tending to Formby’s eight-surgery practice, the 49-year-old looks after a hive of tens of thousands of bees.

Amanda’s daughter, Valentina, introduced her to beekeeping half a decade ago. While the 22-year-old was studying at a university in the city, Amanda encouraged her to take a course in her spare time.

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As a result, Valentina enrolled in a beekeeping course and after a few years asked if she could have a beehive at home, sparking Amanda’s new passion.

The mother-of-two, originally from Waterloo, told the ECHO: “I’m a keen gardener and I’m forever elbow-deep in compost and plants. Beekeeping is great for my mental health and getting back to nature after a day of screens and technology really helps ground me. It has a calming influence on the busy everyday life I have.

“I am very protective of them, especially in the winter months when there is virtually no way of knowing how many of them are left or how well they are surviving. We can top them with sugar fondant and try to protect them as much as possible, but really they are just left to the elements. I’m always so relieved to see them again in the spring.”