Bizarre Coventry cat shaver strikes when pet comes home with ‘piece of fur missing’

A mysterious ‘cat shaver’ that trims pet fur is feared to be back in Coventry. Lucy O’Donoghue claimed her beloved cat was targeted near Teneriffe Road in Foleshill.

Lucy said she noticed her cat Twinkle, 11, came home with a large shaved patch in her fur in April. She didn’t think much of it at first, but was shocked by what she discovered during a trip to Coventry Cat Groomers in Coundon.

Employee Samantha told Lucy, 40, that Twinkle had been ‘shaved’. Lucy described the situation as “bizarre” and said the incident had left her daughter “very upset”.

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Speaking to CoventryLive, Lucy said: “It was about a month ago I suddenly noticed that my cat looked like it had been shaved. I was puzzled.

“I took her to be groomed and when I picked her up, the lady who groomed her confirmed that she had shaved. She said it was happening in Coventry from 2021.”

She added: “No one has reported it in Foleshill so far so I thought I had to get it out there so people know it happened here too.” Lucy said her young daughter was left “furious” when she discovered what happened to Twinkle.