Lib Dems unveil team offering ‘new vision’ for Liverpool

Liverpool Council’s biggest opposition group has said it wants to deliver “a new vision for the city” as it unveils its shadow cabinet team.

A year on from landmark local elections that saw Liverpool’s electoral map redrawn, the Liberal Democrats have shuffled their decks in a bid to challenge the Labor administration. The group won 15 of the 85 newly created seats following last year’s board changes.

This included leader Carl Cashman, who moved from Knowsley Council and has now confirmed who will take up key roles in his team.

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Cllr Cashman, 31, made the move to represent Prescot at last year’s election and said his group was “on a mission” to answer the Labor Party. He said: “It’s been a really big first year for me and the whole group.

“Liverpool is a unique city and has its own style of politics.”

The Lib Dem leader has taken over the reins from incoming mayor and long-time leader Cllr Richard Kemp. He said being in opposition meant “holding the power to answer” and cited committees held by the group, including audit and education.