A large piece of metal falls from the top of Leicester’s Curve theater onto the pavement below

Pedestrians had a lucky escape when a massive strip of metal came loose from the front of the Curve theater and crashed onto the pavement below. The incident led to a large area of ​​Orton Square being cordoned off while a scaffolding structure with a wooden roof was erected to give spectators safe access to the Rutland Street building, which remains open.

The incident happened around 9 am on Saturday, May 4. Dylan Mathias, from St Georges Mill Residents Group, which represents people who live in the area, told LeicestershireLive that building inspectors at the scene later told him a man had almost been hit by the metal.

He said: “The lance fell down and when I went to see what had happened a building inspector told me it fell 10 seconds after a pedestrian had passed. You can see the gap where it came from and it was a big, big piece. metallic.

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“Now I suppose they’re going to have to check everything to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Until it’s safe, there’s a whole section of the pedestrian area that’s closed and Queen Street is closed to traffic.”

When LeicestershireLive visited on Tuesday lunchtime, pedestrians on Halford Street could access the theater but could not enter Orton Square without detouring via Wigston Street and Rutland Street. And there was no pedestrian or vehicular access between Orton Square and the north side of Rutland Street leading to Humberstone Gate.

The missing section of the building(Image: Dylan Mathias)

Mr Mathias said he had been told the restrictions would be in place for “a minimum of three weeks”. He said: “People in our building, which is on Wimbledon Street, have to walk a very long way to get to Halford Street now.”

People in the area spoke to LeicestershireLive on Tuesday about what happened. Alex Haswell, 22, who lives in the city centre, said: “Obviously it wasn’t very safe and now all the fences and road closures are going to be a problem.