Only suburb Andy Burnham did not win in Greater Manchester – Quest Media Network

The full result of the Greater Manchester mayoral election has been revealed – and it shows there is only one suburb where Andy Burnham did not win.

Lamurist secured his third term on May 4 with 63.4 percent of the vote, slightly down from the 67.3 percent he enjoyed in the last race in 2021. The 420,749 votes were enough to comfortably ahead of the Conservatives in second place, with Laura Evans winning 68,946 votes — or 10.4 per cent.

Ward-by-ward results for Greater Manchester’s 215 constituencies were published this week.

Last time Mr Burnham won all 215 wards. However, his performance dipped marginally in 2024 – as he won just 214 wards.

The lone ward that did not support Burnham is not a leafy part of Stockport represented by a Tory MP, as one might expect. It is the Oldham suburb of Werneth.

There, the mayor came second with 411 votes to independent candidate Nick Buckley. Mr Buckley, who came third in the overall race with 7.6 per cent, won 1,661 votes in Werneth.

Werneth was notable in this year’s local elections as it was the only borough in Greater Manchester without a standing Labor candidate. In council elections held on the same day, Nyla Ibrahim defeated Amjad Ali to win the seat previously held by Labor – a two-horse race between independents.

After his victory, Mr Burnham – previously MP for Leigh from 2001-2017 – said “being elected to represent Greater Manchester for a third time means absolutely everything to (him)”.

He added in his acceptance speech: “I can honestly say that I have never given less than my all for this job. I have tried to be there for all communities and all who live here – and I promise I will again.

“For centuries, Greater Manchester has prided itself on the solidarity between its people. I tried to be true to that.”

Mr Burnham has been quick to stake his ground in his first two weeks in office since the election, outlining his plans to tackle the city-region’s housing crisis and reconfirming Kate Green as his deputy mayor.