The Kirklees Labor councilor quit the party over the position on Gaza

A long-serving Labor member for Kirklees has resigned from the Party over its stance on Gaza.

Councilor Mus Khan announced he was leaving the Labor Party on Sunday (May 12) due to his “deep concerns” about the current leadership and the leadership of the party under Sir Keir Starmer. Representing the Dalton ward, Cllr Khan is now an independent councilor and is the fifth to leave the Labor caucus since January.

It is also understood that as of last Friday (May 10), the councilor had been administratively suspended from the Labor Party, pending investigations, amid allegations of anti-Semitism and an attempt to split the Labor Group over the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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However, Cllr Khan has since hit back at the claims, describing them as “completely baseless” and a reflection of the “toxic and bullying environment” within the local Labor group.

In her resignation letter, Cllr Khan criticized the party’s stance and a “lack of accountability” when it comes to international issues, particularly what she described as the “genocide” in Gaza. The adviser says he believes this goes against “the moral and ethical standards expected of a potential prime minister”.

She also pointed to the “inadequate response to domestic issues”, such as the NHS and civil service crises, which “remain unaddressed” by the party’s current leadership.

The councilor said she was further forced to question the “moral compass” of the party’s leadership following the recent induction into the party of Natalie Elphicke, a Tory MP with “controversial views”.

“Given these circumstances, I find it untenable to continue to support a Labor campaign for the next general election. As the independent representative for Dalton Ward, I will better serve my constituents and tackle local issues without the constraints of party politics,” said Cllr Khan. .

The councilor called for a thorough review of the values ​​and direction of the Labor Party. She is also encouraging her former Kirklees Labor Group colleagues to put principle ahead of party loyalty, particularly in light of the party drifting away from its core values.

A message seen by the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) sent by group leader Cllr Cathy Scott to members explains that Cllr Khan had been suspended from the Party prior to her resignation. The message also says that Cllr Khan was nominated for the role of deputy leader of the Labor group but this became invalid with her suspension.

Councilor Scott called for unity in the Labor Party as the general election approaches.

Regarding her suspension, Cllr Khan said: “The allegations against me are completely unfounded and reflect a toxic and bullying environment within Kirklees Labor Group. Over the past year, I have actively voiced my concern and been encouraged by colleagues to stand for election as Deputy Leader for Restoring Democratic Processes.

“However, just before the leadership election, I was suspended based on unsubstantiated claims relating to an anti-Semitism training session held five months earlier. These allegations are being used for dirty political maneuvers. Given the circumstances, I have decided that resignation is the best way to address my concerns about the direction of the party.”

The Labor Party confirmed that Cllr Khan had been administratively suspended pending the investigation, but said it could not comment further.

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