Planning Cornwall: New homes ‘will destroy our wellbeing and breach our human rights’, say villagers

Elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents of a row of Cornwall Council houses say a new development nearby will destroy their wellbeing and breach their rights. The comments were made during a planning meeting to decide the fate of an application to build four houses on land at Orchard Meadow in Hatt, near Saltash.

The proposal by Mr C Speed, on behalf of Acorn Land and New Homes Ltd with Ellenden Ltd, had previously been approved but the deadline for construction to start had expired. A new application was brought before the council’s eastern sub-area planning committee today (Monday 13 May) by local councilor Martin Worth – meaning it will be considered by elected councilors rather than left to be decided by planning officers planning – due to “significant unanimity of objections from the parish council and local residents for many years”. Officers recommended councilors approve it.

Ann Williams represented residents of neighboring Carlton Villas – eight houses run by Cornwall Housing, the council’s accommodation arm. She said: “Allowing the development would have a serious impact on residents’ quality of life and expectations for their wellbeing, safety and security. It would be contrary to the Disability Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Act 1998. The eight affected households include four registered disabled people, two of whom are over 80 years old. This includes a polio victim and another with a serious heart condition.”

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She added: “There are other people Cornwall Housing have classed as vulnerable. Obviously, this is the reason why we placed them in Carlton Villas in the first place, because it is currently a haven of calm and tranquility, which helps their sense of security and safety. knowing that they are sheltered from the stresses and strains of many aspects of everyday life. If this is refused Cornwall Council will be in breach of section 14 of the Human Rights Act which guarantees your right to peaceful enjoyment. household.

“The additional disruption of noise, traffic and constant vehicular traffic during the construction phase and afterwards would destroy all our well-being.”

She said if the committee approves the application, residents will take it to the Local People’s Advocate “so that some sense prevails”.