Manchester Arndale brawl caught on camera as giggling youths throw objects and trade blows

Video shared on social media shows the moment gangs of youths clashed in Manchester’s Arndale shopping center just before closing time. It shows teenagers fighting and throwing rockets before security and police officers intervene.

While others filmed the waste and appeared to enjoy the confrontation, one gang is caught running into the mall, while others are detained as they exit the complex.

A spokesman for Manchester Arndale – which has struggled to deal with youth violence before – said no police action had been taken against those who were detained at the scene following the incident on Tuesday evening, May 7 . Greater Manchester Police said one person was injured and an investigation is underway.

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A clip shared on Instagram showed gangs of boys running towards the exit, while the person taking the clip can be heard giggling with delight at the violence unfolding. The youngsters are caught picking up sandwich boards before hurling them at their rivals as security follows but seem powerless to stop the trouble. Mountain bikes can be seen scattered across the mall floor.

Then two boys, one of them masked, are seen gathering and exchanging blows while a third youth throws a missile. Another video shows the young men exchanging punches, then running towards the exit where they try to escape the clutches of the security guards.

Another security guard taunts the teenager, saying “police behind you mate” and then “f*** off” as he pushes the boy towards the exit. The young man and the security guards are then involved in a physical confrontation near the exit, before a police officer arrives at the scene and arrests the boy.

A young man is detained(Image: @mcroutlaws)

The security guards ask the boy who appears to be filming the meeting “are you going to go home and see him” and the young man laughs “yes”.