Palestine protesters set up camp at Nottingham University and ‘won’t move until action is taken’

Behind the cycle shelters at the entrance to the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus on Derby Road is a stretch of woodland. Normally green grass sways in the breeze and flanks the main road in the site.

Monday, May 13, looked a little different. On Friday 10 May, it became a campsite for around two dozen tents set up by students and those affiliated with the University of Nottingham to “peacefully protest” for the liberation of Palestine.

The camp, outside the campus’ Advanced Manufacturing building, is part of what the group describes as a “direct escalation in response to the University of Nottingham’s continued refusal to sever its links with the arms trade”. Called NCLP – Nottingham Camp for the Liberation of Palestine – there are around 40 residents.

And I’m here for now. At the entrance to the camp, tied to a tree using fibers, is a large board divided into sections.

On it, campers are divided into work groups. Categories include Camp Management, Welfare and Accessibility, Media Liaison, Security Liaison, Logistics and Food.

Campers have pseudonyms to protect their identities. Cow, Fungus, Lego Brick, Spud and Cereal are among the names.

Around 11:50 a.m. on Monday, the first day of the week that the camp has been in operation, strangers begin to gather in the middle of the grass. Those who reside here leave their temporary residence.

Then he goes down to the road, where a rally is taking place. Volunteers hand out face masks so that passers-by can also protect their identities.