Hyderabad bike blast video: 10 injured after Royal Enfield explodes while trying to put out fire

10 people were injured after a Royal Enfield bike exploded while trying to douse the fire on Sunday, May 12. Two of them are in critical condition in Bhavani Nagar in Hyderabad. The incident took place near Moghalpura Aslam Function Hall when the bike’s fuel tank caught fire and burst, causing a chain reaction of events that resulted in injuries on Sunday afternoon.

Bike Blast Videos

The incident was recorded by passers-by and is now going viral on social media. In a viral clip, it can be seen that several people who were trying to put out the fire that engulfed a Royal Enfield motorcycle suffered burns after the bike exploded.

Eyewitnesses complained of a loud explosion and saw people running for help. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital and are currently receiving medical attention.