Elaine Wiltshire has been appointed as the new Mayor of Brackley

The mayor’s investiture ceremony took place on Saturday

Brackley has a new mayor. Councilor Elaine Wiltshire took over from Councilor Sue Sharps at the annual mayoral achievement ceremony at Brackley Town Hall on Saturday.

One of the Wiltshire councilor’s first duties after taking over the chain of offices was to open a classic car showroom at Brackley Care Home yesterday.

The role of mayor is something the Wiltshire councilor will be familiar with, having previously held the reins of office in 2014.

The city’s new deputy mayor is Councilor Fiona Baker.

During Saturday’s Mayor Making event, acting mayor councilor Sue Sharps handed over a total of £11,300 to South Northants Youth Engagement and Brackley Foodbank. This money came from fundraising activities he undertook throughout his primary year.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam